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Masonry Contractor in Rhode Island

Welcome to MCM Fine Masonry, your go-to destination for exquisite stone veneer and granite services in the scenic state of Rhode Island. As a Massachusetts-based masonry company, we proudly extend our unmatched craftsmanship to various cities and towns across Rhode Island, including Providence, Newport, Warwick, and beyond. Choosing MCM Fine Masonry means selecting a licensed and insured team deeply committed to the unique character of the Ocean State.

Why choose us for your stone projects in Rhode Island? Our artisans understand the diverse landscapes and architectural styles, from the historic charm of Providence to the coastal allure of Newport. We tailor each project to complement the character of Rhode Island, offering a seamless blend of aesthetics and durability.

Our commitment to client satisfaction is evident in the transparency and affordability we provide with free estimates on all projects. Whether you’re envisioning the durability of granite or the timeless beauty of stone veneer, we customize each project to meet your specific needs, ensuring a lasting investment.

Our licensed status ensures that we meet and exceed industry standards, and our insurance coverage prioritizes the safety and security of your project. At MCM Fine Masonry, we don’t just build structures; we build lasting relationships with our clients.

Choose MCM Fine Masonry for a Rhode Island-centric approach to stone veneer and granite services. Let us be the architects of your dream space, seamlessly integrating our craftsmanship with the diverse landscapes and architectural styles of the Ocean State. Elevate your surroundings with elegance and enduring quality – choose MCM Fine Masonry for a masonry experience as unique as Rhode Island itself.

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MCM Fine Masonry provides a variety of services to Massachusetts. All services included for both Stone Veneer Projects.

  • Outdoor and Indoor Fireplace
  • Side Wall Installation
  • Front And Back Yard Patio
  • Chimney Service 
  • Entrance Service
  • Stairway Service

Frequently Asked Questions!

For MCM Fine Masonry’s top-notch craftsmanship, pricing for granite and stone veneer varies based on intricacy and materials. Granite installations typically range from $3 to $9 per square foot, offering durability and elegance. Stone veneer projects, combining aesthetics and affordability, generally fall between $2.50 and $7 per square foot. Contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your specific project requirements.

MCM Fine Masonry proudly serves an expansive region, extending our exemplary masonry services across Massachusetts, including Plymouth MA and Boston MA. Our service areas also encompass the picturesque South Shore MA, the charming Rhode Island locale, and the scenic landscapes of South New Hampshire. Wherever your project takes you within this vibrant region, trust MCM Fine Masonry for unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to transforming spaces with timeless elegance.

Absolutely, at MCM Fine Masonry, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your stone veneer and granite installations. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in comprehensive repairs for both stone veneer and granite projects. Whether it’s restoring the timeless charm of stone veneer or addressing any issues with granite features, trust us to bring your surfaces back to their original splendor. Enhance the longevity of your investments with our expert repair services.

Certainly! MCM Fine Masonry is proud to be a licensed masonry company. Our commitment to professionalism and adherence to industry standards is reflected in our licensing. Clients can have confidence in our expertise, knowing that we meet the necessary requirements and regulations. Choosing MCM Fine Masonry means choosing a licensed and reputable partner for your stone veneer and granite projects in Massachusetts and beyond.

Absolutely! MCM Fine Masonry prioritizes the security and peace of mind of our clients. We are fully insured, providing comprehensive coverage for our masonry services. Our commitment to safety extends to both our clients and our team. Choosing MCM Fine Masonry means choosing a company with the protection and reliability that comes with proper insurance coverage. Trust us for your stone veneer and granite projects, knowing that your investment is in secure hands.

Morgan Wingler
Morgan Wingler
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Eybee pressure washed our outdoor trash cans for us. Those things have never looked so clean. I even gave it a smell test and it smelled like citrus! 100% recommend Eybee-also you will not find a nicer guy!
Joan Bailey
Joan Bailey
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I could not be more happy great work thank you Eybee & Betty 5 stars!
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas
City Center Property Manager
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I genuinely enjoyed working with Eybee, Betty and their entire team. They are genuine people who will always do the right thing. Their kindness and hard work has left a never ending impression on me. I recommend them to all our tenants who are looking for a cleaners and also to many of our governmental agencies and departments. You will be in the best hands with this crew!

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